How BeeMat works

BeeMat is made of two layers - a strong bottom layer that is glued to a weak top layer with flower seeds between them. This combination of layers gives the flower seeds a big advantage over weeds germinating in the soil below the mat and gives lots of big strong flowers that the bees will love. The mat must be covered with a thin layer of weed-free sand or compost to hold it down and keep the moisture in.

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How BeeMat helps the environment

Almost a third of all the food grown in the world depends on pollination by bees. We all know that bees pollinate our strawberries and apples but few of us realise they are essential for crops like soybean and oil seed rape that are used as animal feed. Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live. So we need to look after our bees because they look after us!

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Latest news

BeeMat Video

11th March 2014
Watch BeeMat Video

Find out more about BeeMat by watching our short video. See how BeeMat works, how to lay and find out more about our other exciting products.

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GLEE - Great Show for BeeMat!

19th September 2013
Video display stand works wonders

BeeMat have a great show at GLEE with over 100 trade enquiries from on-line retailers garden centers of all sizes and from several countries!

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BeeMat Best Retail Product at Four Oaks!

11th September 2013

BeeMat wins Best Retail Product for ButterflyMat at Four Oaks

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